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Pre-final year student of B.Tech CSE with specialziation in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology at UPES,Dehradun. Gaining new knowledge in the field of Web development. Working with different student chapers currently. Open-Source enthusiast and contributer. Keen interests in performing arts and sports too.

Front-End developer & Cloud Enthusiast.

Into making front-end sides of different websites and also learning about various cloud computing platforms and their technologies. Along with contributing to open-source.

  • DOB: 4 December 2001
  • University: UPES,Dehradun
  • Phone: +91-8018992398
  • City: Vadodara,Gujarat
  • Age: 20
  • Degree: Undergraduation 2019-2023
  • Email:
  • Hiring: Available

Hard-working and career-oriented student in his pre-final year of engineering degree. Passionate about technology and CS fundamentals. Mainly interested in the web developmentdomain. Involved in contributing to open-source projects andbelieves in collaborative development. Also interested in the cloud computing field. Seeking opportunities to improve myskills and gain experience. Striving to become better.

Do check out my blogging website on which I post about all kinds of techincal stuff and my work: Hashnode blog


These are some facts having information about my certifications, award, hobbies, projects and all mentioned by details.



  • Coursera - AWS Fundamentals Specialization certificates - 4
    Coursera - Web Development Course Certificate - 1
  • AWS Webinar Certificates - 2
  • Coursera - Social Internship Honors certificate - "Becoming a Changemaker" - 1


  • One of co-curricular interests are sports and in that Table-Tennis where I have been a regional player. I am also a player of football from very long time.
  • My other liking is Dance which I have being doing from a very young age. I am part of the Dance team of "Lazarus Performing Arts" society of my college.
  • I am also into travelling and wish to visit different places accross the globe.
  • As for video games, I play FIFA and Valorant in my free time.


The below mentioned are all the skills that I possess in both technical and non-technical fields considering all the experience and work.

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 60%
AWS 70%
SASS 70%
Material UI 50%
Bootstrap 80%
Java 50%
ReactJS 60%
MySQL 40%
Git 90%


This is my Resume containing all neccessary information about me in different divisions.


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering


University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Currently pursuing my Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology.

Intermediate School


Mothers Public School, Bhubaneswar

Completed my Intermediate schooling from CBSE 11 & 12.

High School


Delhi Public School, Paradip

Completed my High school from CBSE 10th.

Professional Experience

Associate Social Media Head

Joined 2020 - Present

UPES Cloud Security Alliance Student Chapter

  • Currently working as part of the main functioning team of CSA.
  • Managing the current social media team and maintaining the social media presence of CSA.
  • Been event head for different events.
  • Written various kinds of editorial writeups.

Associate Technical Head

Joined 2020 - Present

UPES Hypervision Student Chapter

  • Being an experienced member, heading the team.
  • Worked on the frontend part of their website.
  • Managed coding events also.


Glassmorphism Website - Dasher

Basic HTML and Javascript website with styling done with SCSS. The website displays a gamer's games after they sign in or the viewer signs up. The authentication is done using the Google APIs from Firebase service. Firebase is also used for hosting the website. The design behind the site is based on the Glassmorphism UI trend.

GitHub Repository: Click here
Website: Click here


A web application build using ReactJS and styled with SCSS. The responsiveness is given using Bootstrap. Though it is still under development but the idea was to create a platform where people can recommend others movie, anime, or songs and even see what others have recommended. For all the functionalities, user authentication is added first using Google auth which is implemented using the Clerk APIs. This was part of my participation in Clerk+Hashnode hackathon.

GitHub Repository: Click here

Rock Paper Scissors Game

Basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript website for a virtual rock paper scissors game. Made it just for practice.

GitHub Repository: Click here
Website: Click here


Girlscript Summer of Code 2021

Website: Awesome JavaScript Projects

Contributed to the codebase with my ownHTML, CSS, and Javascript projects and also optimized the footer.
Pull Requests: Check out

Announcements Page

Girlscript Chennai Website

Created a front-end page for the announcements section of their website using simple HTML and CSS.
Pull Request: Check out

Hacktoberfest 2021

DigitalOcean and Intel

Contributed to atleast 4 different GitHub repositories and their improved their projects. Created issues and worked on them to solve with successful pull requests. All contributions can be seen on my GitHub profile.
Their website: Check out



  • Gold in C++ and Java
  • Silver in Javascript
  • Bronze in SQL and Problem Solving
  • IBM Design Thinking

  • Practitioner
  • Co-Creator
  • Team Essentials
  • Contact


    IOCL Refinery Township, Vadodara, Gujarat. Pin: 391320



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